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  • Smart Start - is an initative (launched Dec 2016) to get good info for new (and "expecting") dads. In the" Becoming a dad" section, they link to Great Fathers as well as some good SKIP videos and an "Advice for Dads" page from Ministry of Health. Funkier than what you expect from a government website site.
  • The Fatherhood Institute  - untold info for dads on absolutely everything. This is a UK-based research and advocacy organisation that is very good.
  • Zero to Three  -  a world leading provider of info on the first three years and brain development. There are specific things for dads but you have to look around in there for them.
  • Raising Children in NZ is an excellent site, their videos were screened on TV1 - we especially recommend this short video on "the Importance of the 1st three years" and "Surviving the 1st Six Weeks". The researchers have produced some info specific to dads.
  • The Fathering Project - a great Auzzie site with good articles on kids and being a dad - and a terrific video "What Kids Really Need from Their Dads."

  • Australian Fatherhood Research Network -  the aim of the network is to promote high-quality collaborative research into fatherhood and fathering. Check out their Bulletins.

  • The Happiest Baby on the Block  - one of the most satisfying and useful thing a dad can learn is how to sooth a crying baby - this site si a commerical one and wants to sell you DVDs.books and other products. But searching Harvey Karp on-line and you'll see clips of him explaining and demonstrating his techniques. They work!

  • The Dadler  - is a very good blog by a dad with young children.

  • Father & Child Trust good info for NZ dads.

  •  Copmi - practical information and advice for Dads who have (or have partners who have) a mental illness.

  • Brainwave Trust  - the best NZ site on understanding how your baby's brain works.
  • 50 Ways to Love Your Wife Her Way is a webpage that explains how to keep your relationship fizzing.
  • Fathering Foundation - committed to fostering quality fathering in New Zealand.

  • Kariclub  - a New Zealand site, this link is direct to their dads' page.

  • Happy Nappy - if you are going to use disposable nappies, here's a subscription service that delivers to keep you stocked.

  • Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ offers services to those afected by cerebral palsy. Nothing specific for parents at this point, but will be later in 2017.

  • Baby formula reviews - if you are going to use baby formula, you may be interested in what US-based says about them.

  • The Parenting Place  - provides a ranges of workshops, hot tips events, parent groups, fathers breakfasts, a magazine, coaching, resources and on-line advice for parents.

  • Essentially Men- holds weekend and other 'events' aimed to address social isolation of men.

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