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Great Fathers has published "New Dads - a journey into the unknown". It is a comic book format informative resource for men who are becoming fathers or who have recently become the father of an infant.

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"Valuing Children by Engaging Fathers" is a guide for social and healthservice providers who offer services to parents - but primary find themselves working with mothers. This guide will help explain how fathers are important to their infant, what fathers need to know about infants, why fathers present far less than mothers at services to do with infants, and what service providers can do to attract and be better prepared for clients who are fathers.


Great Fathers' Dave Owens addresed the 23 June 2016 hui of the Taranaki Branch of the National Council of Women NZ. Click the image for the link to the pdf (120Kb) of the article written from that talk:
















Great Fathers is collaborating with Plunket Taranaki to offer FRED: Fathers Reading Every Day.

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The Lakes District District Health Board has been doing some amazing work around getting the key agencies in their area to key in on promoting good emotional development through very young children attaching their nurturing parents. Here is the executive summary of this innovatirve approach:
























Great Fathers has partnered with Brainwave Trust Aotearoa and Mana Ririki and commissioned this brilliant literature review of what is has been research about Maori dads. It an early step we’ve taken to inform a campaign to help Maori dads to engage with their infant. We were very fortunate to secure researchers Dr Mihi Ratima and Dr Will Edwards to do this review fir us. We are making it publicly available so that others will be able to use the information to support the work they are doing. Read it here:



Great Fathers' Dave Owens addressed the Teen Parent Support Conference in Auckland on the 24 September 2014. This article is based on his presentation which covered:

  • The elephant in the parenting support room
  • The focus of the teen parenting budget
  • The ‘missing’ boy/dads
  • Are teen dads important to their children?
  • Uncommitted relationships
  • The difficulty in connecting with teen dads
  • The challenges of getting fathers to participate in parenting services
  • What father participation depends on
  • A critical thing women need to know
  • Topics that can interest new fathers

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In the 3rd issue of Great Families …

We explore how blogging-for-hire is being used by the alcohol and tobacco industries, the producers of sugary drinks and even infant formula to turn public opinion, discredit opponents and influence the politicians who make our laws that impact on families.

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The 2nd issue of Great Families includes:

  • Early childhood education - centre and home-based ECE, where are we going?
  • Can babies affect dads like they do mums?
  • Growing Up in NZ’s “Now We Are Two” - what's in the new report?
  • TV, apps, infants and toddlers - the research about the effects
  • Pasifika and NZ obesity - dangers and solutions
  • Trialing a nationwide linked-up child health database

Great Families #1 - an essential summary of news, policy research affecting NZ families. Click the image for pdf:


Great Fathers looks at the 2014 Budget and the Health Select Committee's report on Improving Child Health. The Budget is at odds with what the multi-party Committee says needs doing about children. Click the image for the pdf:


"Making Aotearoa the Land of Great Fathers" provides a survey of the evidence of the value dads provide to the lives of their children … and why it is important that this relationship starts early. Read more …


When Parenting Services Say “Parents” They  Mean “Mums”.

How is it that parenting support services don't have many – if any – men clients? or male workers? There is something awry when a whole industry claims to support parents and yet when you look at it – only interact with half of their potential clients. Do our front-line parenting support services deal with ‘the other half’?. Read more …


Why Courses for Dads Don't Work

There have been substantial efforts by progressive parenting support organisations developing and running courses for dads. Are these courses working? Are they ever going to work? Or do they have a fatal flaw?                 Read more …

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